2004  Wall, Knokke-Heist, Installation of a wall in White Out Studio (exhibition icw Willy De Sauter)
2003  Bozar Horta Hall, Brussels, Placing of acoustic panels for the Klara Festival, icw Eckhard Kahle
2001  'Zoeken Denken Bouwen', Aalst, Exhibition in the 'Stedelijk Museum Oud-Hospitaal', Aalst
2000  'Gerhard Richter _ 4 Glasscheiben', Brussels, Installation of Gerhard Richter's piece (collection Herbert) in the 'Voici' exhibition, Bozar, Brussels
1999  AND / POUR, Technical assistance at the urban art piece by Peter Downsbrough, Boulevard Jacqmain, 1000 Brussels
1997  'Table-landscape', Antwerp, Installation in the foyer of the cultural center deSingel, at the occasion of the exhibition
1996  'Getekend', Antwerp, Installation in ©opyright, Antwerp
  'Densities [downtown Aalst]', Exhibition installation in the gallery space S65, Aalst, icw Peter Downsbrough
1995  'Globe-Brussels-Pentagon-Atom', Brussels, Small installation at the occasion of Urban X-perience/Open Stad, De Markten, Brussels, icw Wim Cuyvers and Koen Deprez
  'Marthe Wery - Christian Kieckens', Delme, Installation a reading table and collaboration on the in situ piece by Marthe Wéry, Synagogue de Delme [FR]
1993  'Steen-Muur-Kamer-Huis-Straat-Stad', Ghent, Slide installation at the occasion of the group exhibition on
  'Stelling', Tongeren, Installation at the occasion of the group exhibition
1992  , Installation at the occasion of the exhibition on the proper work, Gallery S65, Aalst
1989  'Se regardant en chiens de faience', Ghent, Presentation of the collaboration piece icw Yves De Smet in the group exhibition
1986  'Architecture is ...', Ghent, Presentation of a postcard series, exhibition (org. Johan Van Geluwe) in gallery space Copyright, Ghent
1981  'Groep Deetaai', Ghent, Stand on the art fair Linea 81, Ghent