2018  Bernard Van Orley exhibition, Bozar, Brussels, Scenography of the exhibtion
2015  Exhibition in VAi-deSingel 2016,
2012  Library Extension, Niel, Project for a library, Open Call 2205 Flemish Government Architect
2011  Crematorium, Zemst, Project for a crematory, Open Call 2106 Flemish Government Architect
2009  Pedestrian passage, Aalst, Tunnel underneath platforms and tracks at the Aalst railroad station
  Gas factory site, Lier, Masterplan for 110 units on the site of a former gas factory
2008  Railroad Square, Aalst,
  In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres, Refurbishment of the existing spaces of the Cloth Hall into museum, shop, documentation center
2007  Pedestrian bridge Bordet, Brussels-Evere,
2006  Corner of an historical building block, Mechelen, Project for a refurbishment of an historical setting with commercial spaces and apartments
  'Mundaneum', Regatta, Antwerp, Complex with 22 apartments and underground parking plot on the Prestibel-site, Left Bank
  Urban quarter 'Meyboom', Brussels, Complex with 65 units and underground parking plot, i.c.w. ASA
2005  Tupperware Offices, Aalst, Concept for the Tupperware office building, Industrial zone, Aalst
  Extension Culture Centre, Heist-op-den-Berg, Extension with theatre spaces and public services
2004  'New Rijksmuseum Amsterdam', Refurbishment of all museum spaces
  Academy, Police Station, Library, Wilrijk, Extension of the existing administration building
  Parking platform, Gentbrugge, Central parking plot for 300 cars, also to be used for special events
2003  Transfer, Nieuwpoort - Oostende, Proposals for transport over the water channels in Nieuwpoort and Ostend
  'Ricetto', Hasselt, Refurbishment of the inner open space of the Provincial Abbey, also used as Cultural Centre Z33
  Peace Palace, The Hague, Invitation for office presentation and reflection
  Galleria extension and entrance building, Kortrijk, Second phase of the Galleria project, extension of 215 meter and entrance building with office spaces
  'Villa Veneta', Bergen op Zoom, Urban villa with 16 housing units
2002  Hotel Tower, Lommel, Small tower as a hotel for 30 bedrooms
  'Graffito', Antwerp, Housing complex with 38 units and underground parking plot for 122 cars
  Four Houses, Lommel, Housing complex with 40 apartments, 8 commercial spaces and underground parking places
  Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg, Scenographic interior of the museum spaces
2001  Office Building VLM, Ghent, Extension of the existing office building
  'Ilot Schuddeveld', Brussels, Extension of the hotel Aris, cinemacomplex Arenberg, theater Toone, 30 living units and underground parking plot in an urban block
  , Urban buidling with pharmacy and 6 units
  'Escada' House, Mechelen, Rebuilding of a rebuilding (1919), shop + 3 living units
2000  Top Mouton, Proven, Extension of the existing industrial factory spaces
1999  Luna Theatre, Brussels, Refurbishment and renovation of the groundfloor entrance and public spaces and offices
  'Geley House' (House Dens), Antwerp, Rebuilding of the facade of a demolished urban house adding new functions while defining a public square
  'Allogio Giardino', Maastricht, Block 30A2 with 26 units and underground parking plot, Céramique-site, masterplan: Jo Coenen
1998  Flemish Design Center, Brussels, Restructuring of the existing Citroen garage into Flemish Design Center, Brussels
  Theatre KVS, Brussels, Renovation of the Royal Flemish Theatre adding a new theatre building
  Galleria Part 1 - Connecting Hall Xpo, Kortrijk, First phase (85 m) of a 300 m galleria as a connecting street between all fair halls
1997  Business Center, Kortrijk, Administration building for the Council of Commerce
  Interieur 98, Courtrai, Lay out of the fair (30.000 m2) and integrated exhibitions
1996  Printing factory Sanderus, Oudenaarde, Printing hall, storage space and offices
  Students Center KUB, Tilburg, Students center with black box, grand café, dance hall, sculpture class, music rooms and units for student events
1995  Printing factory Salto, Rekem-Lanaken, Refurbishment of a former laundry hall on the site of Oud-Reckheim (transformated)
  Interieur 96, Courtrai, Lay out of the fair (30.000 m2) and integrated exhibitions
1994  Police Station, Aalst, Administration building for the police department
1993  Interieur 94, Courtrai, Lay out of the fair (25.000 m2) and integrated exhibitions
1987  Housing, Antwerp,
1985  'What a poem knows', Noale, Project for 'La Rocca di Noale', entry for the competition at the occasion of the 3rd Architecture Biennial of Venice
  Financial Center, Aalst, Office building for the regional department of the Ministry of Finance
1982  Art and architecture Institute Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Extension with library, working spaces, ...