2011  Herbert Foundation, Ghent, Entrance of an industrial hall into an international research center for contemporary art
2007  Tables for the Zeeuws Museum, Middelburg, 12 tables, each of them with a specific word
2006  'FB', Series of illumination objects for Kreon
1998  'City Bench', Bench in concrete, originally designed for the Boulevard Emile Jacqmain, Brussels
1996  'Notenbalk' , [transl.: Stave, Dutch wordplay] Horizontal CD-rack, production De Puydt, edition 3
  'Face 2 Face', Double console furniture in cherrywood and, production De Puydt
1995  , Postcard holder, fragment of 'Jardins divers'
  'Butter(c)up', Buttercup in Prussian blue or Napels yellow, production Slegten & Toegeman, 6 copies remained
  'Brique de Verts', [French wordplay] Glass brick in green glass, production Color of Glass, Brussels
  'Milky way', Milk glass, proposal for Ritzenhoff
1994  'Leestekens', Crockery set with inscriptions of punctuations, icf Raf De Swert, Kaffeetee, Ghent
  '377', Horizontal CD-rack for 377 compact discs
1992  , Furniture pieces in Art and Architecture Bookshop Copyright, Ghent
  'Horizon-taal', [transl: Horizon language, Dutch wordplay] horizontal CD-line for 144 and/or 233 compact discs
1990  Console furniture, Different types and sizes of consoles, wood and glass
1989  'Se regardant en chiens de faience', [transl.: Looking at each other like two ceramic dogs, French saying] Metal socles for two Guérain ceramique pieces
  , Furniture pieces in Art and Architecture Bookshop Copyright, Ghent
  Series of 10 carpets, Series of 10 carpets designed as a whole, cut after production
1988  Onofre, Café table for one person, cherry wood and
1981  'Homage to Pieter De Bruyne', Furniture object as a reference to the interior designer Pieter De Bruyne
  'Homage to the Bohemian Barock architecture', [Angel chest], reference furniture to the architecture of Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer
1980  Chess game furniture for blind and disabled persons, Table top game in edition 50
  Furniture piece for children, (Following the geometrical concept of the secrets box in the thumb of Toutanchamon)
1979  'Homage to Carlo Scarpa versus Sol Lewitt', Low table in white and black