2017  MASTER STUDIO CK _ TEACHING 1982-2016,
2014  6_TXT_INT_CK, Book with CK texts and interviews since 1980 [NL/EN]
  3_IMG_SWISS, Book with CK-photography on Swiss architectures and details
  13_IMG_BXL, Ongoing book on photographs of one particular view of the Brussels skyline
  12_IMG_ASO, Book on the process of the realization of the architectural works in the railway site in Aalst
2011  10_TXT_INT_ARCH [NL], Book with 57 texts and interviews by Swiss and German architects, translated in Dutch
  2_IMG-BAROCK, Book on CK-Baroque photography
2010  16_IMG_ART, Book with 66 photos on art works
  15_IMG_COLORS, Book on colors as proposed and used since 2000
  14_IMG_FRESNOY, Book on the 10 scenography projects for video art at Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing [FR]
2009  SR2_A&C_0708, Preliminary text by 1 masteryear students concernin,g some architecrue themes to be studied
  CKA_Making Place Taking Place [NL], Portfolio on urban projects, anno 2009 [NL]
  11_IMG_BERLIN, Book with CK-photography on Berlin situations anno 2009
  7_IMG_MILANO, Book on Milanese porticos as an homage to Aldo Rossi
  5_IMG_AS FOUND, Book with CK-photography on 'as found' situations
  4_IMG_CH, Book with CK-photography containing 44 photos of Swiss skies and mountain tops
  1_IMG_TXT_INT_PDB [NL], Book on the proper house of Pieter De Bruyne [only available in Dutch]
2007  IMG_BW, Unpublished booklet on CK black and white photography
  'ARCH_LF10', Unpublished booklet on the exhibition lay outs by CK for Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing [FR]