2016  Museum Scenography for the Abbey of the Park, Heverlee,
2008  , Masterplan for seven squares next to the dike of Duinbergen
  In Flanders Fields Museum, Ypres, Refurbishment of the existing spaces of the Cloth Hall into museum, shop, documentation center
2007  Market Square, Brakel, Masterplan for the market square, including a system for the passing traffic through the commune
  Academy for words and images, Dilbeek, Extension of the existing cultural center
2006  'Le Sujet', Ghent, Proposal for a Broodthaers cabinet in SMAK, Ghent
2005  Extension Culture Centre, Heist-op-den-Berg, Extension with theatre spaces and public services
  Market Square, Sint-Lievens-Houtem, Refurbishment of the central market square with pavilion
2004  'New Rijksmuseum Amsterdam', Refurbishment of all museum spaces
  Hopmarkt / Keizerspoort, Aalst, Masterplan for the urban site of two formerly built open spaces
  Academy, Police Station, Library, Wilrijk, Extension of the existing administration building
  'Gentiana' - Old Docks, Ghent, Masterplan for the site of the former port of Ghent
2003  Transfer, Nieuwpoort - Oostende, Proposals for transport over the water channels in Nieuwpoort and Ostend
  Peace Palace, The Hague, Invitation for office presentation and reflection
  Square General Foch, Louvain, Refurbishment of the urban space and bus station
2002  Locks Site, Evergem, Masterplan for the landscape on the locks
  Masterplan Railway Station, Aalst, Masterplan (phase 1) for the whole site including quality control, artistic interventions
  Four Houses, Lommel, Housing complex with 40 apartments, 8 commercial spaces and underground parking places
2001  Office Building VLM, Ghent, Extension of the existing office building
1997  Business Center, Kortrijk, Administration building for the Council of Commerce
1996  Students Center KUB, Tilburg, Students center with black box, grand cafĂ©, dance hall, sculpture class, music rooms and units for student events
1994  Police Station, Aalst, Administration building for the police department
1992  Fondation pour l'architecture, Brussels, Refurbishment of the existing industrial space as exhibition spaces for an architecture museum
1990  'Le Ali del Leone', Venezia, 'Una Porta per Venezia' entry, 5th Biennial of Venice
  'Pari Intervallo', Antwerp, Proposal for the Antwerp quays at the occasion of the competition 'Stad aan de Stroom'
1989  Landscape, Waterloo, Masterplan for the whole historical landscape of the battle of Waterloo (competition of Fondation Roi Baudoin)
1988  'Sand, Northern Blue and Memlinck Red', Beach Cabin,
1985  'What a poem knows', Noale, Project for 'La Rocca di Noale', entry for the competition at the occasion of the 3rd Architecture Biennial of Venice
1982  Art and architecture Institute Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Extension with library, working spaces, ...